Testing Devices for furniture lighting

Power Supply Tester

The power supply tester is of great importance to ensure the performance, stability, and safety of the power supply. This device is essential for verifying that the power supply functions correctly and reliably under various conditions.

Finished Product Tester

The finished product tester ensures that the quality and performance of the lights meet industry standards. This machine is crucial for maintaining the high standards of our final products, ensuring that they perform as expected when delivered to customers.

Strip Light Tester

The strip light tester is extremely helpful for verifying that the light intensity, color temperature, current, product appearance, quality, and safety meet the required standards. This device is vital for ensuring that our strip lights are consistent, reliable, and safe for use.

Our advanced factory testing equipment is designed to ensure the performance, quality, and safety of our lighting products, aiming to bring you the best experience.

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