Introduction of light production line in TY Furniture Lighting

Sophisticated and Robust Inspection System

Our inspection system is designed to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety for our lighting products. It includes:

  • Power Supply Detection: Verifies the stability and performance of power supplies.
  • Strip Light Aging Testing: Ensures the longevity and reliability of strip lights.
  • Electronic Shielding Room: Prevents electromagnetic interference, protecting both equipment and personnel.
  • 10A Testing Machine: Measures current capacity, resistance, and voltage tolerance to ensure safety and quality.
  • Finished Product Inspection: Confirms that all final products meet our stringent quality standards.

Power Supply Detection

Strip Light Aging Testing

Electronic Shielding Room

10A Testing Machine

Finished Product Inspection

These measures provide you with a safe, highly configurable, and high-quality luminaire product experience.

Skillful and Organized Production Process

Our production process is both skillful and organized, encompassing various stages to ensure quality and innovation:

  • Strip Light Production: Manufacturing high-quality strip lights.
  • Strip Light Welding: Securely joining segments of strip lights.
  • Power Supply Bracket: Assembling brackets for power supplies.
  • Profile Processing: Maintaining precision and efficiency in light product manufacturing.
  • SMT Production Line: Placing electronic components accurately onto PCBs.
  • Plug-In Line: Streamlining the assembly of electronic components.
  • Finished Product Assembly: Ensuring that the final products are assembled to the highest standards.

Strip Light Production Workshop

Strip Light Welding

Power Supply Bracket

Profile Processing

SMT Production Line

Plug-In Line

Finished Product Assembly

This comprehensive and efficient production process guarantees the quality of our lighting products and fosters continuous innovation.

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