Established in 2000

TY Storage boasts 23 years of expertise in the kitchen organization and storage industry, consistently pursuing exceptional quality. Our venture into lighting in 2019 marked a pivotal moment, expanding TY Storage into the broader home sector. In 2023, aligning with our brand’s inception, we face the future with a renewed outlook.

Branding Culture

TY Storage’s brand culture centers on seamlessly combining quality and functionality. From kitchens to wardrobes, lighting to sliding doors and hardware, we are dedicated to enhancing home living standards. Collaborating with renowned international designers, we emphasize meticulous detailing and exquisite craftsmanship, conveying a global sense of fashion and luxury with a bold and youthful design style.

Lighting system

Our lighting systems encompass functional, ambient, sensing, and smart control, striving for a perfect fusion of light and spatial design to enhance practicality and visual appeal. Beyond product design, TY Storage aims to construct a comprehensive home partial lighting system, creating comfortable living spaces. TY Storage remains at the forefront of the home lighting sector, offering consumers worldwide a more intelligent, stylish, and luxurious home experience.

Come build the future with us

Whether you are here to work with us or to partner with us, we will welcome everyone with open arms! Join us on this exciting journey in unifying the entire home storage industry!

For Investors

Find our project exciting and looking into investing? We are always open to connecting and looking to improve our business with people who believe the sames values as we do!